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Jon Tenuta Replaces McCollum

Pack Pride:

"We lost a heckuva football coach and a great person in Andy McCollum," said O’Brien on Thursday. "He will be missed by our staff and our players and we wish him the best. But we have been very fortunate to be able to hire someone with the experience and wealth of knowledge that Jon Tenuta brings to our staff."

Tenuta's stints as defensive coordinator for 16 years at seven different schools: Notre Dame (2009), Georgia Tech (2002-07), North Carolina (2001), Ohio State (2000), SMU (1990-94), Kansas State (1988) and Marshall (1987).

"I'm excited to have the opportunity to work for Coach O'Brien," said Tenuta. "I'm also happy to be back in the ACC, especially with a program like NC State."

This should be interesting.  Tenuta did some great things at Georgia Tech with an aggressive style that is pretty much the antithesis of our current scheme.  I wonder if his addition will have any impact on the way we operate defensively, or if it'll just be business as usual.