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North Carolina 74, NC State 61

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 45.5 45.8
Turnover Rate 18.1 15.1
Off Reb Rate 27.0 43.6
FT Rate 30.4 48.3


UNC 74 66.4 111.4 91.8
NCSU 61 66.4 91.8 111.4


Box Score

Change or perish.  The Tar Heels hit just 44.4% of their twos and a third of their threes, but NC State once again got killed on the glass and could not force the turnovers necessary to win.  Losing the rebounding battle so decisively is something I've come to expect, but to do so against a shorthanded team like this is embarrassing, unacceptable, and sad.  As a result, Carolina cleared 1.1 points per possession for the third time in conference play and for the second time against NC State.  We are awesome.

This is the sixth straight defeat in conference play for the Pack, the sixth straight time they've not even come close to scoring a point per possession.  It's all gone to hell.

No matter how bad it gets, N.C. State has it worse.

Ain't that the truth.