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Maryland Items

-- Thanks to the snowpocalypse, tonight's game is Maryland's third in five days.  This leads to the inevitable fatigue question:

The challenge, Gary Williams said, is emotionally putting one game behind and preparing for the next. "I think the toughest thing is the mental thing of coming down from the game [Monday] night," the coach said.

"I mean, we're 20 years old, so we shouldn't be tired," junior forward Dino Gregory said. "Basketball is just fun to us. It's like back to AAU days - playing three games in one day. This is really nothing to us, just basketball."

I doubt it'll be much of a factor, but who knows, maybe their shots will start getting flat in the second half.  And this is a bad defensive rebounding team even when rested.  Maybe an extra edge to be had there as well.

-- Gary Williams supports Macrowave awareness:

"Smith is one of those players, if N.C. State had a better record people would be talking about Smith as one of the best inside players in the league, and I think he's a very difficult to cover because he's only about 6-7 and a half, but he's strong and he's got good moves," Maryland Coach Gary Williams said. "He can go either right or left around the rim. Very few guys have that ability. He's a tough out and, you know, we'll have to see what we can do to try to make it as tough as possible for him to score."

-- JP Giglio goes over the issues killing the Pack of late.  Says Lowe: "we're really not that far off."  Really?

-- Yo-yo scoring: not as much fun as it sounds.

"Every time I come out, I feel I can beat anybody," Gonzalez said. "I don’t have no doubt. And I know my teammates feel like that, too."

Doubt clearly plagues this team as much as anything else.  It's obvious every time somebody passes up a decent look from outside.