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NC State 68, Wake Forest 54

Four Factors NC State
Wake Forest
eFG% 46.2 34.8
Turnover Rate 22.0 33.7
Off Reb Rate 32.4 57.4
FT Rate 46.2 22.7


WFU 54 68.3 79.1 99.6
NCSU 68 68.3 99.6 79.1


Box Score

Wake Forest grabbed 61.9% of its misses in the first half and at one point in the second had that figure up over 66%. They finished the afternoon with 27 offensive boards thanks to impressive efforts from Al-Farouq Aminu and L.D. Williams.  Oh, and their utter inability to convert anything on their first try.  State's offense came on strong in the second, though, and the Deacs' decisive rebounding edge wasn't nearly enough to overcome a season-low eFG% and season-high TO%.

State shot 63% in the second half and got several big threes from the guards down the stretch.  We haven't seen shots fall like that all month. (Sadly, that's not an exaggeration.)

-- Dennis Horner has double-doubles in three of the last four, giving him three total in his career.  He had 17 rebounds in the Pack's first nine conference games and has 39 in the last four.  Meet your new rebounding machine!

-- Speaking of rebounds, Richard Howell grabbed six in eight minutes.  He's rebounding really well at both ends of the floor and, most encouragingly, his numbers have not dropped off in league play.  Certifiable vacuum.  Getting better on the glass next season requires starter-level minutes from Howell.  If his offensive game improves to the point where he earns that kind of playing time, we're going to be in much better shape.

-- C.J. Williams!