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Kellie Harper -- Dancing In Year One?

The Wolfpack Women (16-11, 6-6) came through big time this weekend, knocking off Boston College on Friday and North Carolina on Sunday.  As of now, those go down as wins over RPI top-50 opponents.  Prior to the weekend's games, State was hovering around #40 in the RPI, among the last four out according to this guy and the last eight out according to Jerry Palm.  So it's a fair bet that we've vaulted into the NCAA tournament field.  There's work to be done yet, but we're in surprisingly good shape.

What's left: road trip to Wake Forest (RPI 95), home game against Georgia Tech (RPI 28).  Beating Wake completes the season sweep, puts us a full game ahead of them in the standings, and avoids a loss that would look bad on paper.  Tech presents another opportunity for a top-50 win.  No matter what happens, Kellie Harper deserves a lot of credit just for getting this team into the NCAA tournament discussion.