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Virginia 59, NC State 47

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 39.6 46.3
Turnover Rate 12.9 14.7
Off Reb Rate 25.0 38.2
FT Rate 33.3 24.1


UVA 59 54.4 108.5 86.4
NCSU 47 54.4 86.4 108.5


Box Score

Killed by the sort of second half performance that's been a pattern of late.  It's too bad--this game was certainly there for the taking.  While NC State was busy going ice cold, Virginia went on the slowest run in the history of basketball to take control of the game.  And once it was a three possession game, State panicked before ultimately resigning.  One of those nights where you could tell that, no matter the time remaining, no matter how manageable the deficit, it wasn't gonna happen.  Damn shame.