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Georgia Tech 73, NC State 71

Four Factors NC State
Ga Tech
eFG% 39.7 58.0
Turnover Rate 28.3 28.3
Off Reb Rate 46.7 33.3
FT Rate 32.4 58.0


GT 73 77.6 94.1 91.5
NCSU 71 77.6 91.5 94.1


Box Score

Seven points in the first 10 minutes of the game, 10 points in the first 10 minutes of the second half.  Twenty-three points in the last seven minutes of the first half, 21 points in the last seven minutes of the second.  That...was strange.  As things were unfolding in poor fashion at the start, I was thinking, hey, why not get the scoring drought out of the way right off the bat?  Y'know, trying to stay glass-half-full.  Naturally the second half began the exact same way. 

I'd already filed the game away as another lackluster defeat and didn't think much of it when we cut the lead back to single digits.  But the press kept working.  I can't remember the last time an opposing team was so clearly flustered down the stretch.  Tech's lead went from 14 to one in two minutes, and when we had the ball with a chance to take the lead, I pretended I didn't already know how it would end.  This never happens; it would have to be different this time.

Scott Wood missed a wide open three, Javi grabbed the miss but turned it over.  D'Andre Bell missed two free throws at the other end, Javi squandered another possession.  More damned empty possessions leading to more what-ifs.

I don't doubt that Sid stormed off the court because he was upset with the no-call at the end.  But he also looked like a man boiling over with frustration after another in long line of almost-but-not-quites.  I'm not going to endure this for one more second than I have to.  Yeah.  I would've done the same thing.