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NC State 58, Florida State 52

Four Factors NC State Florida St.
eFG% 52.3 41.4
Turnover Rate 25.4 31.7
Off Reb Rate 20.7 50.0
FT Rate 46.5 32.7


FSU 52 63 82.5 92.0
NCSU 58 63 92.0 82.5


Box Score


I figured our run would end here, because with the way FSU defends the paint, I thought we'd need a repeat three-point explosion from Scott Wood...and what were the odds of that happening again?  Not bad, apparently.  Florida State must be wondering what it is about them that Wood likes so much.  He's made 13 threes against the Noles and 22 against the rest of the ACC.

 NC State made just 42.9% of its twos against the Noles' tough interior defense, and FSU controlled the glass at both ends.  Florida State couldn't hit anything from outside, though, and they turned the ball over in bunches, which is typical of them but maybe a bit surprising coming as it did against a relatively weak defense.

Javi led the defensive charge with five steals, none bigger than the one that came with about 2 minutes to go and led to a Macrowave slam that pushed the lead to six.  Great effort by Javi on a bum ankle.