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Georgia Tech 57, NC State 54

Four Factors NC State Ga Tech
eFG% 35.5 46.3
Turnover Rate 9.3 24.8
Off Reb Rate 27.1 23.3
FT Rate 30.6 78.0


GT 57 64.6 88.2 83.6
NCSU 54 64.6 83.6 88.2


Box Score

When Javi hit a three to pull us even with 14:44 to go, after such a terrible first half, it felt like our day.  "In control" would be the wrong phrase, but from then on, it seemed at least manageable, which was a refreshing change from the first half.  They never did seize it, and that's the story. 

God, the opportunities.  All those missed, wide open three-pointers.  The occasions where we'd force a turnover with the press and then give it right back with a dumb shot or a rushed play that resulted in a reciprocal turnover.  It was there.  It was so, so there.

The main thing we needed to do today, we did: Tech finished -10 in the turnover category.  We also rebounded the ball a lot better in the second half.  The damned shots just did not fall.