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NC State 58, South Florida 57

Four Factors NC State South Florida
eFG% 45.5 45.0
Turnover Rate 22.3 15.9
Off Reb Rate 30.3 10.3
FT Rate 18.2 77.5


USF 57 62.7 90.9 92.4
NCSU 58 62.7 92.4 90.9


Box Score

-- Tattoo Power.  Dennis saved our asses in the first half; he hit five shots, Tracy Smith and Johnny Thomas (!) hit two apiece, and that was it for made field goal attempts. Without his outstanding effort, we would not have been in a position to recover from those first 20 minutes.

-- Richard Howell is a man, and if there were any doubts about that, his tough finish underneath the basket in the second half erased them. 

-- There are some things you just can't teach.  Scott Wood's long pass to Richard Howell for the go-ahead bucket, in a desperate situation, on a broken inbounds play, with the shot clock nearing zero...  He didn't panic, and he showed great awareness. 

-- State scored 0.7 pts/poss in the first half, 1.11 pts/poss in the second.

-- South Florida grabbed one offensive rebound in the first half and two in the second.  Offensive boards easily could have turned this game in South Florida's favor, but NC State never provided them that opportunity.  Fantastic job.

-- This is the fifth consecutive game in which State has held its opponent under a point per possession.  That's actually a bit of an understatement, because our opponents haven't even been close to averaging a point per trip in any of those games.  We're playing some awesome defense right now.