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Virginia Tech 71, NC State 59

Four Factors NC State
Virginia Tech
eFG% 44.0 48.1
Turnover Rate 29.8 14.9
Off Reb Rate 36.7 29.4
FT Rate 38.0 52.8


VT 71 67.2 105.7 87.8
NCSU 59 67.2 87.8 105.7


Box Score (pdf)

Tonight was Javi in a nutshell.  He's important, no doubt; he can affect a game in a huge way.  When he's on, it feels like everything's working exactly as it should be, that there's nothing in the way of State's offense.  Problem is, he's only on for a handful of possessions here and there.  I appreciate and adore those spurts.  Too often there are long stretches of nothing or WTF.  Like the first fifteen minutes of the game tonight.  How can you look so lost and then turn around and make plays left and right?

Give Tech credit--they survived an early bout with the bricks, gladly accepted the possessions we handed them, and answered our runs at every turn.  Their interior defense was outstanding, and Tracy Smith, nowhere near his best, received little support.  Little support aside from the occasionally streaking Javier Gonzalez, that is.