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Wilson Gets A Start Tonight

It's funny... Russell Wilson skipped spring football practice so that he could focus all his energy on doing one thing well.  But the baseball coaches can't seem to decide on a permanent role for Wilson, be it as a position player, relief pitcher, or a starter.  So much for the benefit of a singular focus.  Wilson will get his first start later this evening:

"When I first saw Russell pitch back in late January and early February in preseason practice, I honestly thought he could pitch in the big leagues," Holliday said. "His stuff was that good. Once the season got started, though, what I’ve seen is that he’s not made the transition from playing a position to coming in to pitch during a game. When he’s just been available to pitch on a particular day, he’s been really good. Some guys don’t have any problems coming from a position to pitch, and some guys do. Starting avoids that problem. I expect him to pitch well."

Let's hope Holliday is right.  The pitching staff' needs all the help it can get right now.