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NC State 66, Boston College 54

Four Factors NC State
Boston College
eFG% 55.4 48.0
Turnover Rate 16.4 18.0
Off Reb Rate 15.4 16.7
FT Rate 45.7 22.4


BC 54 61.1 88.4 108.0
NCSU 66 61.1 108.0 88.4


Box Score

A brilliant second-half offensive performance, outstanding defensive rebounding, and gutsy play by Dennis Horner in his final home game.  That's a Wolfpack winner.

The second half appeared to be following the same course as the first, at least for the first nine minutes.  But NC State scored 32 points in the final 11 minutes, nearly doubling what it had produced in the previous 29.  Dennis Horner came back from a scary fall to score 11 of his 14 points.  The Pack collected zero offensive boards in the second half but shot 65.9% and did not commit a turnover.  The result was a half in which State averaged 1.4 points per possession, which is some out-of-this-world production.  Sometimes offensive rebounds are irrelevant.

Thank you, Dennis.  Thanks for sticking with the program in uncertain times. Thanks for handling the difficult position in which you were placed this season as best you could.  I'll miss your tattoo power, and I mean that sincerely.  "Flame" became a term of endearment a long time ago.

Thanks to you too, Farnold.  I'm sorry that that fucking ROUS Mick Cronin and his pathetic brute squad derailed your career here.