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Canadian Golfers Love NC State

And I, for one, welcome our new syrup-swiggin', puck-eschewin', fairway-hittin' overlords.

Augusta James is the latest Canadian golfer ready to take up residence at what is fast becoming Canada South.

The Grade 11 student at Napanee District Secondary School student has made a verbal commitment to attend North Carolina State University starting in September 2011.

James, 17, is following in the footsteps of Kingston native Brad Revell, a senior at N.C. State and one of four Canadians currently playing at the university.

What's more, Brittany Marchand of Orangeville, one of James' rivals on the Ontario junior circuit, is off to the school in Raleigh this fall. (Raleigh, by the way, also is home to the National Hockey League's Carolina Hurricanes.)

Canada South, eh?  Come to think of it, we always have been surprisingly good at hockey.