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Four Football Players Face Drug Charges

Four guys--George Bryan, J.R. Sweezy, Jake Vermiglio, Markus Kuhn--the team is counting on this season.  Mercy.  I wonder how many aspirin TOB has taken in his 3+ years here.

A search warrant filed by Raleigh police shows marijuana and drug paraphernalia was found in an apartment while four North Carolina State football players were inside.

Senior Offensive Lineman Jake Vermiglio, Redshirt Junior Defensive Tackle J.R. Sweezy, Redshirt Junior Defensive Tackle Markus Kuhn, and Redshirt Junior Tight End George Bryan are all named in the document.

That's strike two for Sweezy, who was suspended from the team last month after an incident on a bus.  I'm guessing his future with the team is in serious doubt.  Not sure about the rest, though I'm sure suspensions are inevitable.

Among the things the police seized:

-- Two homemade bongs. (Bummer.)
-- One multicolored glass bong/pipe.
-- Three sandwich bags containing about 6 grams of marijuana total.
-- One blunt.
-- One of these.
-- One bottle of Dubble Bubble.
-- George Bryan's Blackberry.

In conclusion: goddammit.

[Update: the N&O's report includes a brief statement from TOB: "appropriate action will be taken."]