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Baseball Clings To 8th Place

The baseball team has neither a bullpen nor a Sunday starter, so when the Friday/Saturday guys falter, as they did over the weekend, it's trouble.  Despite those difficulties, the Pack took the lead into the 9th inning on both Saturday and Sunday, so the opportunity to take the series was there.  Alas, the pen blew the save both times. 

Standings update:

6) Clemson (11-10)
7) Va Tech (11-10)
8) NC State (9-12)
9) UNC (8-13)
10) Duke (7-14)

Remaining schedules:

NCSU: vs. GT, @ FSU, vs. Duke
UNC: vs. WF, @ UVA,, vs. VT
Duke: vs. UVA, @ VT, @ NCSU

Georgia Tech is hitting .315/.404/.581 as a team in conference play, and they've clubbed 46 home runs in 21 games.  That's the league's best offense by far.  We're in a position now where we have to beat them twice, because you can bet the Heels will take at least two from the Deacs.