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Nate's Back Doing Nate Things -- Football Scrimmage #1

The football team scrimmaged for the first time yesterday.  Mike Glennon wasn't particularly efficient (12-25) but managed to avoid throwing an interception.  On the defensive side:

On defense, the squad was led by two players who missed the 2009 campaign: linebacker Nate Irving and defensive tackle Markus Kuhn. Irving had eight stops, including 3.5 for loss and a sack and caused a fumble, while Kuhn had six tackles, including five for loss and two sacks.

3.5 TFLs, a sack, and a forced fumble...sounds like Nate is feeling pretty good. 

Also, you gotta love this comment from TOB:

"As long as this is the worst scrimmage we have and we keep getting better, I consider this a good scrimmage."

His glass is tentatively half full!

In other news...

-- The baseball team beat top-ranked Virginia in extras on Friday but lost 8-4 yesterday.  We desperately need to take this series today.

-- Ted Larsen seems to be getting plenty of attention from NFL scouts

-- How much longer until the golf teams are made up entirely of Canadians?