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Tuesday Items

-- Congratulations to Duke.  And kudos to Brian Zoubek, of all people, who proved surprisingly valuable down the stretch.  Y'know, I thought I'd grown numb to the success of our neighbors, but it's tough having to deal with this championship crap for two consecutive years.

-- Oliver Purnell is leaving Clemson for DePaul. Maybe he realized he was never going to break through in the ACC, not that the task is any easier in the Big East.

-- Boston College is set to hire Cornell's Steve Donahue.  It'll be interesting to see if Donahue's BC teams are as three-happy as his Cornell squads.  Whatever happens to that end, it's a good bet that BC remains a deliberate half-court team. 

-- Ooh, "also considered!" Movin' on up!

-- Billy Randy wouldn't do that, man.

-- Baseball America recaps State's series win over UVA.

-- Kickoff times for the UCF and ECU football games have been set.  Both games will be televised by the CBS College Sports Network, whatever that is.  First class operation, I'm sure.

-- Matt Hill was named Golf Week's Player of the Week for beating the shit out of Hootie & The Blowfish.  

-- UNC announces the Chick-fil-a Challenge, which will require participants to run two miles to the restaurant, eat 12 nuggets, and run back.  Twelve nuggets? What kind of a challenge is that?