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NC State Draws Wisconsin In ACC/Big Ten Challenge

Jeff Goodman (ht: Ovies):

- Michigan State will travel to Durham and face the defending national champs in what’s bound to be the most anticipated game of the season. It very well could be a matchup of No. 1 vs. No. 2. 

- Purdue, a lock Top 5 team, will head to Blacksburg and play Virginia Tech – a Top 25 club.

- Ohio State, another clear-cut Top 10 team, will travel to Florida State – a team that should receive plenty of consideration in the Preseason Top 25.

- North Carolina will play at Illinois in a battle of two likely Top 25 teams.

- N.C. State, which has a loaded freshman class, will play in Madison against Wisconsin.

Well, shit.  Don't get me wrong, the road trip to Madison is going to be fun, and it's a great early opportunity to see how we stack up against a top 25 team, but man, winning up there is a tall task.