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Baseball Update

NC State pitched surprisingly well throughout the weekend and took a series it had to have.  Too little too late for an at-large bid, perhaps, but the wins do keep the team in decent shape for the ACC tournament.  Standings:

5.) VT (14-10)
6.) Clemson (11-10)
7.) BC (12-12)
8.) NCSU (11-13)
9.) UNC (8-13)
10.) Duke (7-17)

Unfortunately, State, which has lost series to Clemson, BC, and UNC, and does not play Virginia Tech, doesn't hold a single tiebreaker against any of the teams fighting to make the conference tournament.  Tech isn't catchable at this point, and Clemson, which still has Maryland and Wake Forest on the schedule, probably isn't either.  Boston College finishes with FSU and Georgia Tech, though both series are at home.

Hopefully the Deacs will be able to get one from Carolina next weekend, thereby allowing the Pack to maintain a one-game lead heading into the season's final two conference series.