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NC State Plays Florida State For The ACC Championship

(TV: 1 PM on FSN.)

The Pack have made it this far despite allowing 8, 17, and 9 runs in the three games they've played.  Good thing they brought the bats.

Last night's game against Virginia Tech looked for a time like it was going to be a relatively easy win.  State took a 7-1 lead into the bottom of the fourth inning, where Cory Mazzoni blew up in uncharacteristic fashion.  Virginia Tech scored seven runs in the inning and forced Elliott Avent to bring Jake Buchanan into the game.  As it turned out, Buchanan got his start in, just not the way anyone would've guessed.  He scattered six hits and allowed an unearned run in six crucial innings of work.  It's too bad State wasn't able to save him for Sunday, but there's absolutely no way they were going to beat Virginia Tech without his efforts.

Alex Sogard will get the start today on three days' rest.  Grant Sasser made an appearance yesterday but threw just two pitches, which hopefully means he's available for some long relief if necessary.  Rob Chamra and Anthony Tzamtzis haven't pitched since Wednesday.