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Wednesday Items

-- CJ Leslie made it official at Sammy's yesterday evening:

Dressed in red, screaming "C.J., C.J., C.J.," Pack fans filled Sammy's Tap and Grill on Avent Ferry Road. Those who came late stood six rows deep in the parking lot.

-- WRAL spoke with Tracy Smith at the signing, and Smith again assured everyone that he'll be back.

-- The News & Record's Ed Hardin has a report from the Wolfpack Caravan stop in Greensboro:
"This is the start," Lowe said on a warm May afternoon after coming to Greensboro directly from witnessing the signing of the most heralded recruit to come to State in several years. He said he wanted to watch Leslie sign the letter of intent to make sure the kid from Raleigh wasn't being stolen away by Kentucky.
I'm not sure if Sid was kidding about Kentucky.

-- Chancellor Woodson interview:
"We'll get started right away. This has not been announced publicly until today... we'll start that very soon. We'll use a national search firm to help us. While that costs money, these firms know every AD in the country. They know us and they know our situation, and they can help match talent to the environment here. That just makes a whole lot of sense, while it does cost. We'll got out immediately to secure a search firm to help us get started."
He also says that "Lee is not done in this business." Which will remain true, technically, for another couple of months.

-- Ken Tysiac highlights some potential candidates for the AD job.

-- Chick-fil-A Bowl CEO Gary Stokan says "the school raise the roof of its old basketball facility on campus at Reynolds Coliseum to put in suites and more seats so it can move games back there," as if any of that were remotely feasible.  (Do we even have the room to do this sort of thing?  Reynolds is pretty close to Talley on one side.)  And I thought I was on a sugar high yesterday.