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Wilson's Football Eligibility Requirements

Per Annabelle Myers, via the News & Record:

1. Russell can sign a professional baseball contract with a professional team and still return this fall to play football for N.C. State. He can receive money and benefits from a professional baseball team.
2. He can receive a scholarship to play football as long as he maintains his amateur status in football.
3. He can sign with an agent. ALL contracts and conversations with an agent must be specific to baseball.
4. He can receive money and benefits from an agent as long as (condition) No. 3 is met.
5. He cannot sign any commercial endorsement deal.

Seems he can sign with an agent and keep his football scholarship after all. (So what's the difference that forced Jake Locker and Dennis Dixon to give up their scholarships when they signed baseball contracts?)  Anyway, my apologies for the misleading info earlier in the week.