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It's Actually Double Secret Bad News

Now that we know for sure that Russell Wilson will be spending a lot of the summer playing minor league baseball, there are concerns, and with these concerns, Brett Friedlander alludes to the Law Of NC State Shit, which is Murphy's Law's down home cousin.  ("Anything without precedent for going wrong in the annals of sport that can--conceivably, now that we all think about it (fn. 1)--go wrong will go wrong" is the gist of it.)

But is Wilson’s double duty really good news for State?  Or is this just another opportunity for its fans to get their hopes up, only to have them crushed somewhere not too far down the road?

The answer to Friedlander's second question is and always will be yes, regardless of context.  One never assumes NC State shit, save certain in-game situations where the vibe is undeniable, but at the same time, one figures the odds of NC State shit are pretty good on any given day.

I try to stay positive but I remember the law, always the damn law, and I worry.  What kinds of things should we be thinking about that we're not thinking about that could really screw us in this whole Wilson baseball/football situation?  Here's one: what if Russell Wilson spends fall camp painstakingly calculating how many wins above replacement he was worth to the Dust Devils, discovers he was worth fewer wins than a replacement player, and is so devastated that he gives up sports entirely?  (This exact crisis will end Brian Bannister's career one day; he just doesn't know it yet.)


1.) It takes time to get over the shock and begin the processing stage, which may or may not follow the defenestration stage.