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Various Reports: Debbie Yow Is NC State's Next Athletic Director

CSN Washington reports that Maryland AD Debbie Yow is taking the NC State job.  WRAL is reporting the same thing.

Baltimore Sun:

Maryland athletic director Debbie Yow is expected to be named the next athletic director at N.C. State, two Maryland athletic officials said Thursday night.

Yow was expected to be at N.C. State tomorrow.

"I can tell you things are going to happen fast," said one Maryland official who declined to be named because no public announcement has yet been made. "She's expected to be offered the job. As far as I know, contracts have not been signed."

Washington Post:

In a text message Thursday night, Maryland Athletic Director Debbie Yow said she will be on N.C. State's campus Friday to meet with school officials and discuss the school's vacant athletic director position.

While Yow stopped short of acknowledging she had taken or been offered the N.C. State job, an N.C. State source said the school is preparing to host a press conference early Friday afternoon.

Kathleen Worthington, Maryland's senior associate athletic director, said in a phone interview Thursday night that Yow will interview for the N.C. State athletic director position on Friday.

"Has a contract been signed? Is it a done deal? No," said Worthington, who spoke with Yow on Thursday. "But if something is going to happen, I anticipate it's going to get done quickly."

Yow will be in Raleigh tomorrow to "discuss the school's vacant athletic director position;" meanwhile, there's word that NC State is preparing a press conference tomorrow afternoon.  So this is almost certainly a done deal. 

It's pretty clear that Billy Randy's not winning the press conference with this hire; folks across the internet seem to be scurrying to build a list of cons, and let's face it--nothing this school does is ever right to some people. 

Much more if/when this is official.