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Charleston Beats NC State 9-6

Jake Buchanan didn't have his best stuff tonight and got into trouble immediately.  Charleston's leadoff hitter lined an 0-2 pitch into center field and Buchanan plunked the next guy; both came around to score.  In the fourth, the Pack blew up in all too typical fashion with a mix of poor pitching and poor defense.  A four-spot there put the Cougars up 7-0.

Drew Poulk made things interesting with an eighth-inning grand slam that brought the margin to 8-6, and State had two runners on with one out in the 9th before succumbing.

State will play Stony Brook at 1 PM tomorrow with its life on the line and I think the proper move now is to start Alex Sogard.  While he doesn't give us the best chance to win tomorrow, we're already well behind the eight-ball and I think that calls for the high-risk play. Put our weakest starter up against the weakest team we're going to see this weekend, and if it doesn't work out, so be it.  We'll need Mazzoni on Sunday if there is to be even the slightest hope of climbing out of the loser's bracket and winning this thing.