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Tuesday Items

-- Russell Wilson is hitting .257/.357/.343 in ten games with the Tri-City Dust Devils.  Not overly impressive but pretty good in context: his OPS is 20 points higher than the league average.

-- Maybe something to keep an eye on: Kansas State SF Dominique Sutton is leaving school and moving to Durham in order to be closer to his family.  Sutton has a year of eligibility left and says he's hoping to catch on at Wake Forest or NC State.  Sutton was a useful role player with a good defensive reputation at K-State.

-- Ken Pomeroy is counting down the 10 unlikeliest wins of the 2010 season based on win probability.  Based on the first five, where the winners overcame 49-1 odds, it doesn't look like The Great Parsons Disaster is going to make this list.  Our win probability in that game never cracked 90%.

-- GoPack has set up a new basketball page where you can read player bios and check out highlights.

-- Sammy Batten caught up with Everett Proctor, who has given up QB for safety.  FOOTBALL.

-- Don't give them any ideas, Keith.