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The Great Pass Rusher Mystery, Plus Other Items

-- TOB met with the media after practice this morning, and when asked who the team's best pass rusher is, said, "I'm not going to say that answer right now just because it's somebody's scouting report."  Because it's nuggets like this that will doom the defense, obviously.  I'd have just made someone up in the hopes of creating confusion within opposing coaching staffs. 

"We've been watching film all day and I still can't figure out who the hell Bo McBigballsacks is.  Can't find number ∞ anywhere!  WHAT DO WE DO?!?!?!" 

"I hear you, Tommy.  And does anyone know about this Zap Rowsdower guy at running back?"

-- NC State will honor Dennis Byrd during the WCU game on Sept. 4th.

-- Jarvis Williams is excited about an offense that Dana Bible called "the perfect storm." I wonder if Bible whispered it forebodingly.

-- Willie Young has been struggling in his first NFL camp, like a lot of rookies, but he played so well in the Lions' first pre-season game (5 tackles) that the team decided to cut a veteran defensive end and give him a bigger role.  You can listen to an interview with Young here.

-- Cincinnati's Jones knows how to replace Kelly.  This article reinforces a few of the things I've been talking about recently, and also touches on some of the Bearcats' defensive concerns as they shift from the 3-4 to the 4-3.

-- On last night's episode of Hard Knocks (which is awesome because the real Rex Ryan is pretty much the KSK Rex Ryan), Antonio Cromartie had a bit of a problem remembering his kids' names and ages.  The thing that struck me is he has like four kids who are three years old.  The man is prolific.

-- Bees!

-- If you think NC State has a problem with the no fun police, check out what Wake Forest is doing in order to combat binge drinking.  Among other things, they're going to start requiring students to live on campus for three years.  I lived on central campus at State all four years and loved it, but I wouldn't have appreciated being told that I had to.