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Butch Davis's Son's Tutor's Uncle's Sister's Nephew Dooms Carolina Football Program

Well. Not yet.

The press conference earlier this evening in Chapel Hill was a disappointment primarily because Butch Davis revealed that the tutor involved in the new allegations worked for him in that same capacity and was not, as had been rumored earlier, a nanny. There go those jokes.  Oh well.

UNC officials danced around specifics once more, so let's move on to the fun speculation and news links.

-- Cornerbacks Kendrick Burney and Charles Brown have been kicked off the team?

-- Inside Carolina's Greg Barnes says that there are 6-12 players involved. He says those players were placed on the scout team during Wednesday's practice.

-- WRAL's Erin Summers has heard that two-thirds of the starting defense are involved.

-- Dick Baddour started off one sentence with "I don't want to sound defensive, BUT..." Prudent move, sir.

-- Stay updated: Follow the handy Twitter stream SFN has set up here. Search #UNC on Twitter.  And while you're at it, join Twitter already, you laggard! It's fun, I promise.

-- Here's a quick recap of the presser from Jim Young.

-- Full audio here.