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It's Game Week!

Touchdown Jarvis Williams


We made it, everybody!  I've been so excited that I woke up this past Saturday thinking it was game day.  Damned brain. 

This is the least-challenging opener of the TOB era, but after spending the last two years looking like crap on national television, I'm okay with that.  We haven't started 1-0 since 2006, which was also the last time we opened with a I-AA school.  Unfortunately, it makes for a lousy week of talk:

"We wouldn't look ahead - that would be an insult to Western Carolina," O'Brien said. "One thing about them, they have Carolina in their name. That's always a big name for anybody here at State."


"Certainly, no one intends to disrespect Western Carolina because they are not a Football Bowl Subdivision team."

I can only assume there were a number of winks and knowing nods involved here.

This is another reason why I couldn't be a football coach.  Just no way I could maintain my poker face throughout the week.  "It's a well coached football team on both sides of the ball and-- HAHAHA I am just shitting you guys.  Instead of watching their film I've just been watching porn.  I'll probably head out at the half, pour one in a to-go cup and beat traffic."