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NC State, Central Michigan Agree To Three-Game Series (In Football)

According to CMU's student newspaper, the Chippewas have agreed to a two-for-one deal with NC State that begins in Raleigh next season.  CMU will come back to Raleigh in 2013 and the Pack will travel to CMU in 2014.  The 2014 game will be a season-opening Thursday night matchup (so...TV, then?):

This is a chance for them to come to our place on a Thursday night," said CMU Athletics Director Dave Heeke. "We’re trying to build scheduling that can bring some of those (teams) into Kelly/Shorts. It can be challenging at times with the success we’ve had and the revenue component that is required to pay those teams to come here."

Central Michigan will be paid a total of $750,000 for the pair of trips to NC State.  We're getting $250k for our visit.

If CMU can prove there's life after Dan LeFevour, this could be interesting.