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ESPN's Summer Shootaround: Bilas Likes The Pack

ESPN's summer preview series continues this week with a look at the ACC. If this is any indication, the Macrowave is flying well under the radar again (he didn't make the "10 key players" list), despite his and my best efforts.  Mostly his.  There's a lot of love for C.J. Leslie spread throughout, and Jay Bilas believes that NC State won't disappoint:

4. NC State: This is the season Sidney Lowe has been building toward. The Wolfpack has some horses, and the league is not as strong as it has been. If there is a move to be made by NC State, this is the year to do it. Three starters are back and Tracy Smith is the key guy. Last season, he averaged 16.5 points, 7.3 rebounds and led the ACC in field goal percentage at 52 percent. Javier Gonzalez returns to run the point, shooter Scott Wood will stretch the floor and hotshot newcomers C.J. Leslie and Ryan Harrow will be immediate impact players. NC State couldn't shoot last season, hitting only 40 percent from the floor in ACC games. Scoring should be an easier task this go-round.

That's the best case scenario and an awful lot of faith in a program that hasn't maximized its talent under Sidney Lowe. With an offense that promises to improve and has a chance to take a big step forward, it's defense that determines whether or not the Pack can realize a top four finish. Bilas seems to think our defensive play at the end of last season was a meaningful trend.

I think I'll wait and see, and in the meantime make a mental note to change that four to, oh, let's say eight... Nevermind, I can't do it. Rainbow dunks!!!!!