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Depth Chart And Press Conference Notes

Depth chart.
TOB's Monday press conference.

-- R.J. Mattes, who saw some action against Cincinnati, is listed as the co-starter at right tackle along with Gary GregoryMikel Overgaard is listed as questionable for the Georgia Tech game.  TOB said that he was looking for Mattes to make significant strides in practice and that the coaches will make a determination at the end of the week.  No doubt they're hoping Mattes gives them a reason to get him back into the starting lineup.

-- O'Brien said he still has a lot of confidence in Dean Haynes, and Haynes remains at the top of the depth chart.  The coaches "felt that he was a little shocked" after his miscues on Thursday, so perhaps his mental condition was part of the reason for his absence in the second half. 

-- "Welcome to the first string, J.R."


"We're playing Georgia Tech. Your knees will be lucky to survive."

"Y'know, coach, I didn't really need to hear that."