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Georgia Tech Week: Final Impressions

1.) It might be a good idea to stow the "perfect storm" talk until NC State's offense cracks the top 50 in either total offense or yards per play.  The Pack ranks 53rd and 67th in those categories.  That said, Georgia Tech's defense was a disaster in 2009 and doesn't appear to have made many strides so far this season, despite a higher defensive coordinator scowl percentage.  Kansas averaged 4.5 yards per snap and 6.0 yards per pass attempt against the Jackets, which stand as season-bests.  The Tar Heels averaged 8.4 yards per pass attempt and 4.5 yards per carry against Tech. 

It's a good opportunity for State's offense to put up a lot of points, but there remains a lot to clean up on that side of the ball.  We'll need our sharpest performance of the season.  Three-and-outs that follow long Georgia Tech drives are killers.

2.) All of Jeff Ruiz's punts will fly at least 25 yards 15! yards down field.  He's been practicing with weights around his ankles all week.  This here's my lock of da week! /cigar

3.) What with all the runnin' and the pitchin', Georgia Tech has averaged about 2.5 fumbles per game during the Paul Johnson era.  If we could end some drives by falling on one of those, or even 0.5 of those (son, don't tell Jon F. Tenuta what is and is not possible), I'm thinking it would really help a lot.

4.) Georgia Tech scores two touchdowns on big plays, begins to pull away in toward the end of the third quarter, and wins 35-24.