What I'm learning by watching Boise State dismantle Va Tech

  1. You really don't have to run the ball to spank a team's ass up and down the field. We should learn from that, embrace it, live it. Every play that we hand the ball off this season is a play where Russell Wilson isn't a factor - and is a play where we did the defense a huge favor. Drop back, air it out, and score some points. We don't really have an alternative.
  2. I don't miss the lack of discipline that came with Amato-ball. At all. Watching Va Tech act like thugs - even while getting their asses kicked - makes me embarrassed for them & the entire ACC. They are simply not representing us well in any way - there's nothing to be proud of in their play or their behavior.
  3. I really like the underdog. Even if Va Tech is from our conference, I can't help pulling for Boise. Not sure if it's because I think the BCS is a contrived pile of dung, or just the underdog thing, or my distaste for the Va Tech thug crap I just mentioned... but I'm all over pulling for some Blue tonight.
  4. Despite all that, Va Tech's unis are bad-ass. I'm jealous.