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Status Of Vermiglio, Kuhn, And Sweezy Won't Be Known Until Saturday

In a completely predictable turn of events, Tom O'Brien revealed today that he's not going to reveal anything about the Bong Club until game time:

"I may know before," he said with a chuckle in his voice, "but I’m not telling you until Saturday."

Read: "I already know but I'm not telling you until Saturday."  Place your bets: are they in or out?  I say in.

Other press conference notes:

-- Re: the RBs' pass protection, TOB said they "were perfect in where they were going and what they were doing." 

-- TOB said that Czajkowski's kickoffs weren't yet where they need to be, but "even the bad kickoffs were better than our good ones a year ago." 

-- TOB indicated that he wouldn't look to move Crisp or Vermiglio to a different position.  Said he likes having the luxury of a backup who can spell the starter for a few series if necessary.

-- TOB expects Crisp to be a three-year starter.

-- On the quiet nights from Nate Irving and Audie Cole:

Nate didn't have many opportunities. I don't think -- I think he got a little frustrated out there because everything got funneled back to Terell.

Thank goodness [Manning] had a good night and put up the numbers that he did. He was the linebacker that they attacked. They didn't go to the field and test Audie Cole at all. Everything was a cutback run away from him. So I don't know if that was by design or not, but it was just the way things worked out the other night.

-- Your quote of the week, blatantly out of context, with no regard for the casual nature of conversation: "We punted the ball."  We sure did, Coach.  We sure did.