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George Bryan Returns, Plus Other Items

-- George Bryan will return to NC State for his senior season, which is great news for whichever guy starts at quarterback next season.  The draft's early entry deadline passed over the weekend but does not apply to Russell Wilson because he is a graduate student and because he is Russell Wilson.  Among the notable ACC players who declared early: Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers, Maryland WR Torrey Smith, Virginia Tech RBs Darren Evans and Ryan Williams.

-- NC State's basketball team needs a 9-4 finish and has a pair of games against Duke in its future, but Sidney Lowe said the team had a great practice this morning:

"Moral is good, effort is good and the energy is good," Lowe said. "They're certainly disappointed in the loss but they understand we really have a lot of games to go and things can happen."

"Men, today is no day for panic.  Nor is it a day for yelling, because if Saturday's game wasn't a cause for yelling, and it wasn't because games as you well know are occasions for light encouragement applause, then this certainly is no occasion for yelling.  What is the sound of one hand clapping?  If a foul is called in Conte Forum, does anyone see it?  Let not our most recent doom trips hinder your search for things that can happen."

-- Plus/Minus update: I have caught up and compiled the numbers from every game this season.  I also have lineup data if you have any questions or specific comparisons you'd like to see.

-- Seems to be a good year for the swim teams.  Debbie Yow's presence must be giving coaches around campus night terrors.

-- In the future, it will not be unusual to see an old person yelling "turn down your stereo shirt!" at a teenager. Mainly Gramps is just bummed that in his day he had to lug around an iPod.  Imagine band t-shirts that come loaded with the band's full library, or vintage shirts bearing product logos that play said product's jingle.  This could send irony into the stratosphere.