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Russell Wilson Releases Statement, Prepares For Spring Training

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"At this point in my life the best thing for me is to concentrate fully on baseball in the same way that I concentrated fully on football over the past six months," Wilson said in a statement released by the school.

"It is only fair for everyone involved that I give baseball the same time and attention that I have given football. Ultimately, decisions about my athletic future will be made based on my potential to succeed at the highest professional level."

So if you're TOB how much time do you give Russell Wilson to make a decision about football?  If Mike Glennon does intend to transfer should Wilson return, then I would think this has to be cleared up pretty soon, ideally before the start of spring practice.

Wilson will make no further comment on the matter, while TOB won't be available until his signing day press conference on February 2nd.  I'm afraid we'll just have to fill the time with baseless speculation.