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Inside The Players-Only Meeting That Saved The Season

Following the difficult loss to Clemson on Tuesday, NC State's players met to make sure they're all on the same page:

The players had a meeting before practice Thursday morning, Smith said, to talk about the loss and the season moving forward. Smith said the meeting was productive and the ensuing practice was spirited.

"Everybody was talking," Smith said. "Everybody spoke their mind. That's what we need."

Smith, who is more of lead-by-example player, said he will be more vocal in the final 10 games.

"At this point, I've got to do what I've got to do whether it's screaming, shouting, cussing, anything," Smith said.

What follows may or may not be an accurate representation of what happened in the meeting.

CJ Williams: Guys we have to get serious. The season's getting away from us, and...hey what are you doing?

Lorenzo Brown: Hmm? Just closing Kendall's very empty locker that absolutely doesn't have someone in it.

CJ Williams: *shrugs* Good enough for me.

Tracy Smith: Can we make this quick? I had to park DeShawn's car in a handicap spot.

DeShawn Painter: You what?!

CJ Leslie: Is it 103 degrees in here or is it just me?

Javi Gonzalez: *bangs on locker door* Guys? Hello? Let me out of here! I'm telling coach!

Jordan Vandenberg: Oh no.  Lorenzo's stunt has boomeranged on us!

CJ Williams: You should wear a mouthguard like I do, CJ. Gives me all the Vitamin C I need.

Javi Gonzalez: *muffled* It doesn't seem like that could be true.

CJ Williams: Hush it, Gonzalez!

Ryan Harrow: *looks up from his iPad* Seriously. I'm fighting a zombie invasion here.

CJ Williams: Man, put that away.

Ryan Harrow: But my plants!

CJ Leslie: *sneezes violently*

Scott Wood: Where's Rich? He was saying had some valuable ideas to bring to the table.

CJ Williams
: He'll be here later.  I told him we'd only need him for 10 or 15 minutes.

Meter Maid: *pokes head in* Say, any of you gentlemen know about... hang on, I have the license plate number here.

Tracy Smith: Whoa look at the time...I just have to grab something...from the...out here. *runs out of the room; a car engine starts, tires squeal*

DeShawn Painter: Dammit, Tracy! You said you needed my keys to cut open a package from your mom! *runs after him*

CJ Williams: *exasperated* Well we're never going to get anything done now.

Jordan Vandenberg: What are you on about?

CJ Williams: You know, I don't remember. Let me glance around the room to see if any of this stuff jogs my memory.

Ryan Harrow: We were going to discuss tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse, I think.

CJ Williams: No, that wasn't it. We covered that in the last meeting.

Lorenzo Brown: You're damn right we did. *pats his crowbar*

Ryan Harrow: Something about horticulture then?

CJ Williams: I told you to put that thing away.

Richard Howell: *out of breath from running* What last meeting?

Scott Wood: *phone vibrates* Party at Bong Club central, dudes.  Let's hit it!

*everyone starts to leave*

Richard Howell: But I just got here!  I have input!  Guys!

CJ Leslie: Wait for me! *coughs up a lung* On second thought, maybe I'll lie down for a while.