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UNC 84, NC State 64

Four Factors NCSU UNC
eFG% 38.6 50.0
Turnover Rate 20.9
Off Reb Rate 29.8 44.4
FT Rate 28.8 34.3


UNC 84 76.7 109.5 83.4
NCSU 64 76.7 83.4 109.5


Box Score (pdf)


"I don't feel like we fought as hard as we could," Smith said.

Why is it that you guys didn't fight as hard as you could, Tracy?  Why was that allowed to happen?  Why did you let that happen?  You didn't have any leeway today; you haven't had any at any point in this season.  If not now, with the team sitting at 2-4 and well out of the NCAA tournament picture, then when should we expect you to fight?  Why is this, this most basic thing and one of the few things that is under your absolute control, an issue?

We should be able to assume effort.  The self-awareness is nice but it only matters if it leads to change.  And nothing ever changes.  In five years nothing has changed.  If Scott Wood were giving post-game opinions ten years from now, he'd still be talking about how State was punched in the gut by superior and inferior foes alike and didn't bother to do anything about it.  We get steamrolled and wilt and roll over and die and hit repeat.  The real shame is that no one involved seems to take it personally.

To put a thousand words on the Sidney Lowe era:


(hat tip to @Jameson for making the vision a reality)