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Tracy Smith Nears 1000 Career Points, Plus Other Items

-- Sid says that Richard Howell will mostly play the four now that Tracy is back.  Leading up to the season, Sid said Tracy would spend a lot of time at the four, but it looks like circumstances have changed that plan.  For one thing, CJ Leslie is locked into the four when he's on the court because Scott Wood has been so important--looking through my lineup data, I don't see a single case where Leslie spent time at the three.  So that limits Sid's flexibility when it comes to the frontcourt.  Further, Howell has played the four far more often than the five (about 440 possessions at the four, 88 at the five through the first 9 games), and Sid might just want to keep him where he's gotten comfortable.

-- Heading into tonight's game, Tracy Smith is 25 points shy of 1,000 for his career. 

-- Mr. and Mrs. Wuf are renewing their vows at halftime of Sunday's game, about two months shy of their 30th anniversary.  There is something disturbing about the old photo accompanying that item. 

--From Brett Friedlander's article on the sad state of ACC hoops:

Williams went on to say that he doesn’t lie awake at night "thinking one dadgum thing about the RPI of everybody in the league."

I don't know why this amuses me.  I guess I just like it when people say dadgum

-- NC State's latest football commitment is place kicker Niklas Sade, a local kid who had been committed to Nebraska.  State now has commitments from a kicker, a punter, and a long snapper. So the special teams of the future is set.  About those other positions...

-- Darrion Caldwell, the 2009 NCAA champ in the 149-pound weight division, is finally back wrestling with NC State.  He won his match (bout? groin grab?), but the team lost.  Caldwell was sidelined by a shoulder injury sustained from a rollerblading accident.  Bummer.