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NC State 90, Wake Forest 69

Four Factors NC State Wake
eFG% 55.3 44.9
Turnover Rate 15.1
Off Reb Rate 58.8 22.9
FT Rate 28.8 32.2


WFU 69 66 104.5 136.3
NCSU 90 66 136.3 104.5


Box Score

Tracy Smith led a dominant frontcourt effort with 23 points and 11 rebounds, C.J. Williams put together what may have been the best performance of his career, and NC State cruised to an easy victory over the league's worst team.

The Pack had a couple of tough stretches--a string of turnovers in the first half helped the Deacs get back into the game, while a slow start to the second half further postponed the inevitable.  State's offense responded decisively in both cases and played very, very well overall.  When Tracy Smith's tip-in pushed the lead to 11 about four minutes into the second half, the slow start was forgotten and the Deacs were finished.

State shot 61% and grabbed 62.5% of its missed shots in the second half.  That is nuts.