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Sometimes You Need A Rally Beer

Looks like I found the blog's new motto. AJ Pierzynski admitted that he's had a beer during games before: (hat tip: Jim Margalus):

"Sometimes you’re just really struggling and you just say, ‘Hey, you know what, I need something to calm me down and let’s have a beer.’ A couple of us will do it together, and sometimes it works out.

"It's just, sometimes you just need a rally beer. If you’re in extra innings and you’re in about the 15th inning and you really need to get going again, that sometimes works for you."

Considering how often NC State's various teams find themselves behind their opponents, arguably every beer I've consumed over the last however many years technically qualifies as rally beer. Many times I like to start the rally before the game I'm focused on even gets started, because just as it's 5 o'clock somewhere, it's also true that there's an NC State team losing somewhere. Therefore, it's not alcoholic, it's an honest effort to bring about some good fortune.

I'd double check my logic there but I gotta get at this rally beer for the women's soccer team. Cheers.