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Another Big Challenge Up Front

The Cavaliers ran their way to a win over Georgia Tech on Saturday:

Mike London's staff used the extra practice time to beef up the rushing attack by turning to a committee formula and revamping some blocking schemes.

Three tailbacks - freshmen Kevin Parks and Clifton Richardson and junior Perry Jones - split playing time and combined for 262 yards rushing.

"Fresh legs made a big difference for us," London said.

And while they won't be mistaken for Georgia Tech any time soon, they've been effective on the ground all season. Parks, Richardson, and Jones each average over five yards per carry, with Jones getting the bulk of the work so far. Their success on 1st and 2nd downs has helped the offense stay on schedule and move the chains despite a shaky quarterback situation.

Mike Rocco is a first-year starter who has thrown eight interceptions this year (about one every 20 attempts). He's been spelled on occasion by Michael Watford, who has wheels but not much else going for him. Still the Cavs have averaged over six yards per play in both conference games, as the ground game has been there rain or shine, so to speak. The offensive line has a lot of experience (63 combined starts coming into 2011), and it shows.

NC State's got to find a way to put a dent in that rushing attack or they're in for another long afternoon.