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Depth Chart For UVA Game Released -- No Sweezy, Rieskamp, Gentry

Pack Pride has a rundown of the changes. Most notably, J.R. Sweezy is back off the two-deep, while Jeff Rieskamp and Taylor Gentry remain absent. According to Pack Pride, it "could be a while" before we see any of those guys back on the field, so I guess the off week didn't work out quite the way we'd hoped it would. Taylor Gentry's promised carry has to be in serious jeopardy at this point and it'll be a shame if that never happens. The lesson is: don't play defensive tackle for this team ever. You mustn't even think it. I was thinking about this position and going up some stairs the other day; next thing I know, boom, stubbed toe.

Elsewhere, Daryl Cato-Bishop is back at DE, and Brian Slay is listed as the starter at the other end spot. That gives State a big front four, but who knows if it'll prove an effective one. Without Rieskamp or Sweezy it's tough to see this group having much of an impact at any point in the second half.