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Virginia's Looking For Better Point Production

Virginia has had trouble putting the ball in the end zone, especially in the second half--they've scored 11 points combined in their last three second halves.

Coach Mike London could not point Monday to any specific reason why an offense that ranks No. 3 in the ACC in total yards per game (433.5) is having so much trouble reaching the end zone – or even splitting the uprights – after halftime.

"I guess you could say in terms of just a little more execution," London said. "The game plan is what it is. The ability to run a power play in the first quarter that worked is the power play in the third or fourth quarter. It should work [then], as well. I just think it’s just a matter of playing a good four quarters of good football, of executing good football."

The total yardage is a little misleading because the Cavaliers have run a lot of plays from scrimmage--their per-play output, which ranks 68th nationally (as does NC State's), is in line with their 73rd-ranked scoring offense. But there's no question that they've missed opportunities. The Cavs have had to settle for nine field goal attempts in the red zone and they've attempted 15 overall, more than any other team in the ACC. As Mike London puts it, "a little more execution" down in that area would perk up the scoring.

They can feel free to work on that after this Saturday.