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Basketball Team Picked To Finish 8th

Media day is in the books, and nobody has any clue how this league is gonna stack up from four to 10, but the league's sportswriters gave it a guess anyhow. (It's weird to just assume Florida State's competence in basketball, isn't it? This is a strange place that I would like to leave as soon as possible.)

Team Finish:
1-North Carolina (57) - 706
2-Duke (2) - 649
3-Florida State - 560
4-Virginia - 463
5-Miami - 455
6-Virginia Tech - 411
7-Clemson - 403
8-NC State - 316
9-Maryland - 264
10-Georgia Tech - 176
11-Wake Forest - 109
12-Boston College - 90

Richard Howell was not among the members of the preseason All-ACC team and probably won't make the postseason team either, but that's only because Carolina is hogging all the spots with their disgusting excellence.