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Mark Gottfried Demands NC State's Culture Do Crunches

Mark Gottfried is a first-year coach, which means all kinds of talk about fixing things so they're less broken, maybe taking this lamp here and putting it over there on that end table, just to see how it hits the eyes. There's one thing that cannot be tolerated, though, and that's the c-word and ... oh no, you've gone and done it, haven't you?

"I think it’s kind of become a fashionable thing to say when coaches say, ‘We need to change the culture,’" Gottfried said.

Fine, fine. I'm not objecting to the notion, but there's gotta be a better way of saying that. "We need to rearrange the lamps." Eh. I'll work on it.

This part sounded pretty bad, so hopefully he'll look into this issue:

N.C. State also lost 16 of 19 against nearby ACC rivals Duke and North Carolina.

I'm not familiar with these two squadrons, but I have to say, losing 16 of 19 games to anybody just doesn't sit right with me.