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Heartbreak In Tallahassee As FSU Edges NC State 34-0

All you can ask for in a game like this is a chance to win the game when the game starts, and that's exactly what NC State had as Florida State kicked things off with a 0-0 lead. Unfortunately for NC State, circumstances conspired against them as the first quarter wore on, as the offensive line had all sorts of trouble protecting Mike Glennon and the defense tried making a lot of tackles without using its hands. The Pack found themselves down a couple of scores before long, though hope, as always, prevailed.

But the second half did not bring the expected change in momentum and Florida State continued in a victorly direction, NC State unable once again to find much success offensively. And when a little offensive success did come, it was halted by critical mistakes or outright blatant cheating by Florida State. I mean they really did a lot of cheating, which is the only way to explain this sort of score.

NC State had a couple of opportunities to turn the game around on special teams but Florida State proved the superior outfit both times. In the first half, an NC State punt went off the back of a Seminole blocker and was recovered by the Wolfpack, but Jimbo Fisher wisely employed his only jedi mind trick of the game to restore Florida State possession of the football.

In the second half, FSU's punt returner muffed a kick inside his own ten yard line and then touched it again as he was falling down, thereby retaining possession without ever having possession; in keeping with the rest of the day's proceedings, there was no challenge from the NC State coaching staff.

And so NC State must regroup from this most unexpected of defeats and prepare itself for a largely pointless inter-division game against area football outfit North Carolina. Nonetheless, optimism remains at a high level, and we may rest assured that another quick-witted, strong-willed performance lies on the horizon.