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News Roundup: More Mistakes, Regrets, And Injuries

-- Georgia Tech's trick spells doom for Pack. Speaking of tricks, I got to thinking about this last night: it seems criminal that we never tried the pass back to the quarterback play with Russell Wilson. If it can work with Philip Rivers, imagine the kind of damage a QB with actual wheels could do.

-- Yellow Jackets befuddle Wolfpack.

-- NC State makes Georgia Tech work for victory.

-- Georgia Tech socks it to Wolfpack.

-- Too little, far too late for erratic NC State.

-- State continues to be haunted by slow starts.

"They started off early on us and I guess it was a little too late once we started fighting back," said Bryan, a Wilmington native who caught three passes for 26 yards. "We’ve got to learn how to come out on the first play and the first drive and play like we’re going to play the rest of the game. We just can’t take that long to warm up."

-- JP Giglio's observations from the game.

-- Wolfpack officially in trouble. In trouble? Nah, we just like a good challenge, is all.

-- Andrew Jones writes that State's defense deserves "slight kudos" for holding the Jackets to a season-low 413 yards. And relatively speaking, that's not bad. It was also Tech's worst performance in terms of yards per play. But it was still nowhere near good enough for State to win the game.

-- Some post-game notes from Tech's beat writer.

-- Even in defeat, Wolfpack gives a glimpse of what could be.

"We played Wolfpack football for 2½ quarters," said Sweezy, who was credited with two tackles and a sack in his first game back from a broken foot. "That’s the first time we’ve done that this year. Now we’ve got to continue to grow on it to get where we want to be."

Hey, guys, not to alarm you or anything but the season is almost halfway over and you're at the 2.5 quarters of Wolfpack football mark? That's pretty bad.

-- Heather Dinich writes that TOB and his pal Frank Spaziani are headed for the hot seat.

-- From The Rumble Seat's post-win thoughts. Man, did they ever play like ass!

-- SFN wonders how State isn't last in Andrew Skwara's ACC power rankings. Tenth sounds about right to me, though we have a great shot at pulling out a loss to either of the teams ranked below us.